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Junior Elite 75 - Recap I

October 11th, 2011
Dan Sullivan

The middle school talent was out in full force at the New York Junior Elite 75 Showcase. 



The middle school portion of the day got underway early in the afternoon on Saturday, and some players wish it would never end.  Great guard play highlighted the play of this half of players.  New York Recruiting Report has reports on every single middle school player that walked through the door, and will now unveil half of the talented field.

Note: The order the evaluations are listed is not the ranking for the event.

Dean A. Murray:  The 8th grader showed great athleticism.  He is a solid physical prospect who displayed a couple of nice post moves throughout the action.  The potential is there for him, as a big man with his physical skills is hard to find at his age.

Domino Cotunaccio:  The little point guard sped up and down the floor with the ball all day long.   Always in motion on offense, he managed the offense very well, not getting out of control at any point.  He played within the flow of the game, not trying to force anything, which is a great quality to have for a young player.  Cotunaccio is a very smart player, and is a growth spurt away from being one to watch out for in the future.

Jordan Pruitt:  The 7th grader was very impressive on the day, showing off a big time step-back move.  His handle was on full display not only during the games, but during the drills, as well.  He went hard all day.  His excellent footwork and tight handle made him stand out.

Travis-Sean Morgan:  Morgan showed deep range throughout the afternoon game session.   The little guard got to the rack with ease at times.  He showed us potential out there, and we look forward to seeing him develop in the future.

Jake Feirtag:  A versatile perimeter player, Feirtag did a little bit of everything today.  He shot the ball well, handled it in the open floor, and played hard defense.  A hard competitor, Feirtag  nailed a few deep 3’s, too.

Daron Hughey:  The 5’7’’Hartford Magnet MS product was very fluid with the ball in the afternoon games.  Hughey has good form on his shot, and showed that he can maneuver his way to the hoop with the dribble.

Tremont Waters:  The best player on the court, Waters is a flat-out scorer.  He has legitimate 3-point range and was able to easily get to the hoop.  He also got his teammates involved, showing great court awareness, along with His all-around game proved to be too much for everyone else on the court to handle.   And he made it all look effortless; Waters could get out of bed and get a triple-double.  He is definitely one to watch, as his future looks very bright, and we can’t wait to follow him as time goes on.

Tyree Mitchell:  A good passer with great court vision, Mitchell was always ready to catch and shoot.  He did knock down a few shots throughout the day.  The 7th grader was crafty in getting into the lane. 

Brandon Hurst:  You can see the potential oozing in Hurst.  Still growing,  he has great touch and is a smart player, using the glass on his pull-up jumpers and always passes the ball to the right spot.  Hurst has good elevation and an exceptional release on his jumper.  Physically one of the strongest players here today, he is one to watch as the years go on, as well.

Kingsley Cockburn:  A smart player, Cockburn always made the right pass and showed great enthusiasm with his teammates throughout the day.  He stays low on the dribble, and played very hard defense, routinely being asked to guard the opposing star player.

Nick Mitchell:  The 6’0’’ Mitchell has a very impressive post game, showing a variety of spins, jabs, and hooks.  He also keeps the ball high in the post so the guards cannot swipe at it.  Mitchell can score with his back to the basket or facing up.  His back-to-the-basket repertoire shows the work he has put into his game.

Ron Fell:  A smooth playmaker, Fell showed a nice shooting form, stepping back for a couple of 3’s in one game.  You could see his experience, as he was always in the right spot, always making the correct pass.

Malik Clark:  The little guard was quick with the ball in the full-court, and in control of his team in the half-court.  He showed great leadership skills with his team, always staying positive.

Brendan Allen:  The guard gave us a glimpse of what great guard play is supposed to look like.  He showed great speed with the ball in the open court, and dishing out several nice passes to his teammates for layups.  Allen is a very tough player, getting knocked down a few times, but getting right back up and hustling back into the play.

Brandon Grayson:  He’s a shot maker.  Every time I looked over he was open for a shot;  hands ready, firing away.  The guard helped spread the floor with his ability, leaving his teammates open down low.

Benjamin Bagnoli:  Bagnoli has a very high basketball IQ; the 5’5’’ guard made shots, took good shots (which can be more important in some cases), and showed great 1-on-1 moves; his use of the jab step and his pull-up game was exceptional.

Trevor Thornton:  Thornton was solid defensively all day.  He was always in the correct defensive position, and always ready to help, as well.  This shows the awareness that he plays with.   He also provided a spark on the offensive boards, crashing the glass then kicking back out to teammates.

Jared Rhoden:  Rhoden displayed great court awareness, always being in the right spot on offense and not forcing anything.  He was definitely a great contributor to his team, doing the little things that successful teams rely on.

Mekhai Hall:  Able to run the break very effectively, Hall was able to get easy layups in transition.  He is a smooth player with a nice, tight handle.  His float game proved to be a strength in his game, as not many players at his age can say they possess that ability.

Keysean Wagner:  A physically strong player, Wagner acted as a bull out on the court.  He bullied his way into the post, where he often displayed a quick spin move.  He also has a good shot to complement his strong inside game.

Tyler Stewart:  A player who attacks north to south with a quick first step, Stewart was able to take it the length of the court for easy layups on several occasions.  His movement without the ball got him open for an easy shot.  If he continues to improve on staying low with his dribble, his future looks very bright.

Terrance Powell:  His high-arching jump shot caught the attention of a few of the coaches on different courts.  This allowed his teammates to get open looks inside, as the defense was so concerned with Powell on the perimeter.

Andre Edwards:  Showing off his passing skills in the skill development sessions could definitely be seen in the games.  His ability to blow by defenders led to several 3’s for his teammates; Edwards displayed a great drive-and-dish game, as well as his exceptional pull-up jumper.

Rama Arline:  The young 7th grader showed a solid skill set for such a young age.  His footwork was phenomenal on offense, and set good, hard picks for a guard.

Michael Todd Hardwick:  I was impressed with Hardwick’s ability to use his body to shield the ball, limiting the defense’s access to the ball.  Turnovers cause many players problems at this age, but not Hardwick.  The crafty guard changed speeds very well, creating a tough matchup for those who dared to
try to stop him.

Chris Blalock:  Long arms, quick feet, and soft hands are some physical characteristics Blalock possesses now, but he shows plenty of room to grow.  If he does, look out.  He has upside to go along with his game right now, which looked to be improving as the day went on.  He crashed the offensive boards hard all day, and was active.  Put that, his emerging skill set from the perimeter, and his physical traits together, you have one to look forward to watching down the road.

Isiah Jennings:  The Philly product made the trip up north and put on a show.  Used to playing with high school kids, Jennings looked to be the most experienced player here.  He kept his dribble low,  stayed in control, and distributed the ball to the open man, usually for a layup.  His experience was shown in the angles he took to feed the post and to use picks to get into the lane.  He will excel at the high school level because of these pure point guard traits.

Darien Jenkins:  Jenkins looks like a player.  He has a great jumper that extends out to 3-point range, and will only improve with practice.  He also proved to be an excellent defender, not afraid to use his energy on defense.

Jordan Hardwick:  Hardwick showed nice touch on his short shots today.  His long arms made it difficult for opposing players to get around him on the defensive side of the ball.  His upside is noticeable, and I look forward to seeing him play in the future.

Kamara Iosini:  Iosini is a high-flying athlete who finished at the rim with both hands during games today.  He runs the floor and is smooth getting to the hoop.

Brandon Scott:  A quick and active player, Scott makes excellent use of his jab step to get by defenders and into the lane.  He is a ball-hawk on defense, as well, always looking to step into the passing lanes for a steal.

New York Elite 75 Frosh/Soph

October 2nd, 2010

Island Garden Sports Complex

The first ever New York Elite 75 Showcase - Frosh/Soph Edition will feature some of the best underclassmen prospects in the region. 

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