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Junior Elite 75 Recap (New York)

March 19th, 2012
By Matt Gibson




The Island Garden in West Hempstead, New York hosted the Junior Elite 75 Showcase on Sunday, bringing in a boat load of talent from the State of New York and its surrounding area. Alumni of the prestigious Elite 75 event include current New Jersey Net and U of Maryland Alum Jordan Williams, 2011 National Champion Alex Oriakhi of UConn and Erik Murphy of the University of Florida to name a few. These youngsters looked to show spectators that maybe one day, they too will mentioned in the same breath. Here are some of the players who impressed at the event:

Chris Kelly (F)- Kelly brought out his full repertoire on Sunday at the Garden as he showed off a natural fluid movement to his game that allowed him to score easily. Kelly proved that he was one of the best in the field as he got to the rim with his plethora of offensive moves and rarely missed from the outside.

Aaron Wheeler (F/C)- Aaron was the tallest in the event and will probably be the tallest at many events to come as the long forward/center looks to be still growing. A super athlete, Wheeler dominated the glass with his length and physicality. Not only was he efficient under the hoop, but he was also great in transition as he showed off a beautiful euro-step to get himself to the bucket. If he continues to work, he will develop into a nice prospect down the road.

Jordan Booker (G)- Booker stood out amongst the competition and it wasn’t primarily because of his bright pink sneakers. This quick guard possessed some of the best ball handling skills at the event and was one of the best in his age group. Not only was he tough off of the dribble, but Booker was not scared to go up against bigger competition and solidified himself as a knock down shooter.

Trevor Thorton (G)- Big, Strong guard that can get to the rack with both hands and pull up on a dime. Thorton was one of the better kids in the camp as he showed off a nice skill set combined with outstanding potential.

Randy Bronner (F)- long, athletic wingman who had no problems getting to the rim and finishing. His long wingspan not only allowed him to be a matchup nightmare for defenders but it allowed him to alter shot attempts on defense as well.

Patrick Kiernan (F)- Solid bodied forward who was physically above his competition. Kiernan showed off a quick stride going to the basket that allowed him to finish hard at the rim. The tough forward used his strength and length to finish over the defense throughout the event.

Tyler Damas (F/C)- Long, bouncy forward who has a great feel for the game. His athleticism and size allowed him to dominate the opposition on Sunday. If he continues to grow, he looks like he could develop into a nice big man prospect down the road as he already naturally rebounds, runs hard, and anchors the paint on defense.

Chris Blalock (F)- Chris is a lengthy wing player who can get to the basket at ease. Not only was he efficient going to the rack but Blalock showed us that he could knock it down from long range with his silky smooth jumper. He has all of the right tools to continue developing into a nice prospect down the road as he is versatile on both ends of the floor.

Dimitri Fuey (F)- Tall wing with textbook shooting form. This lengthy swingman is strong and quick going to the basket.

Dorrell Williams (G)- South paw guard that has a very high basketball IQ for his age. Williams is aggressive going to the basket as he looks to always initiate the contact and get to the line for the “And-1”. Not only is he efficient going to the cup, but Williams is a good passer and a solid rebounder for his size.

John Kornobis (F/C)- The big fella ran the court hard at the Garden on Sunday creating easy opportunities for himself and others. Kornobis altered and blocked shots all day long and showed off his versatility with his rip through dribble moves going to the basket.

Jordan Dingle (G)- One of the better point guards in the event. Heady point guard with great court vision who showed a high basketball IQ and understanding for the game. Dingle exploded by defenders with the use of his tight handle. We also saw him convert off of a nice spin move that broke him free from the defense for two.

Brendan Sobotker (G)- Talented guard who showed off a nice handle and a controlled aggression on both ends of the floor. Defensively, he got after it, while on offense he pushed the ball up the floor in control whenever the opportunity presented itself. Brendan also showed us that he could get to the rim on both sides of floor.

Andre Edwards II (G)- Guard with a good physique that can do it all. Edwards showed spectators that he can pass and shoot effectively as well as possessing ambidextrous ball handling skills. His explosiveness off of the dribble allowed him to create open shots for others as well as finish the ball himself at the rim. Andre has a good skill set for his age and will only continue to improve as long as he keeps up his work ethic.

Tracy Cleckley (F/C)- Cleckly showed a lot of energy on both ends of the floor and a great work ethic. The big fella found his comfort spots from 15 feet in as he has a nice shot; especially for a kid of his size. He will be a good prospect in the future as he has a promising amount of potential.

G. Gehring (G)- Tough guard who shot and handled the rock efficiently. Gehring passed the ball well and was not scared to mix it up inside with the big men whether it be for a rebound or on an offensive drive.

Jaried Danvers (F/C)- Danvers rebounded well, intimidating the offense with his shot blocking ability, frequently on weak side help defense.

Joel Morris (G)- Good sized guard with a nice outside stroke. Morris moved well without the ball on Sunday, creating more opportunities for himself. A good athlete, Joel got out in transition both without and with the ball in his hands.

James Mayer (F)- Big bodied forward who can knock down the outside jumper while having very good size and potential at his position.

Eddie Calderon (G)- This floor general sees court well and creates for others off of his smooth dribble drive moves.

Jamie Morella (F/C)- Solid big man with a nice touch out to 15 feet

Taylor Hughey (G)- Well built guard who is excellent at seeing the floor. Huygue showed off a nice stroke from the outside as well as a tight handle that allowed him to maneuver through traffic.

Josiah Morris (G)- Point Guard who did just about everything well on Sunday including handling the rock, playing defense, and knocking down the mid range shot off of the dribble.

Corey O’Neil (G)- Quick guard with a tight handle. Showed off his series of dribble moves including in-and-out’s and behind-the-back’s to get in front of the defense.

Darius Soriano (G)- Soriano is a quick, heady guard, who makes those around him better as he is a true floor general.

Jabari Dalvz (C)- Big man who runs the court well for his size and has a great touch. Dalvz boxes out well and rebounds naturally.

Amad Anderson (G)- Anderson was a vocal leader on the court for his squad but he didn’t only lead verbally. Anderson also led by example as he handled the ball well, knocked down the open shot and mixed it up inside with bigger guys.

Demitri Ivey (G)- Ivey is a fast guard with a quick handle and a nice mid range shot. We saw him leading vocally as well, especially on the defensive end of the floor.

Marcus Hammond (G)- Guard who can handle well, see the court, and is aggressive off of the dribble.

TJ Whitehead (G)- Whitehead is a solid guard with good size who possesses a nice stroke from the perimeter

New York Elite 75 Frosh/Soph

October 2nd, 2010

Island Garden Sports Complex

The first ever New York Elite 75 Showcase - Frosh/Soph Edition will feature some of the best underclassmen prospects in the region. 

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